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PICadvanced is specialized in solving complex problems through optics, namely through optical chip design, development and packaging.

We develop and consult processes and solutions on optics using integrated photonics, since conception, packaging and integration on electrotechnology, telecommunications and biomedicine products.

Cutting edge technology!

State of the art knowledge applied throughout the all process


Photonic Integration

Optical chip design

+2y experience on research and development of InP based PIC through MPW of JePPIX.
Continuous research of new architectures for telecom and biomedicine applications..


Defying the trends, we are challenging the common approach to optics integration which may lower greatly the packaging effort with our immersion technology.

Specialized testing, optics consulting

 With our long experience in telecom business, we are defining specialized test benches for our PICs.

Telecom systems









To face this increased complexity in optoelectronic components, PICadvanced, whose members have a high level of know-how in terms of optoelectronics based in PICs (Photonic integrated Circuit) and packaging and thermal management of optoelectronic components, joined HFA, which already has a wide experience over the years in the electronics sector and its industrialization, and IT, whose DNA is to contribute actively to the development of telecommunications technology to create a disruptive and innovative line of product that has all the features to dominate the market of NG-PON2 transceivers. In this project, we intend to develop an optoelectronic transceiver line for NG-PON2 whose distinguishing features are that they are based on PICs that will accompany the increased complexity of the optical layer, designed to optimize dissipated power management by the various optoelectronic components, making viable products from an economic point of view for operators and compliant with international standards, and still have a high electronic density in order to monitor the processing needs that high bit rates imposed and at the same time fit within the various pluggable formats which are addressed.


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Given the high density and complexity that the optical component is subjected, this project is intended to develop optoelectronic components based in Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC). Taking the advantage of integrating multiple optical components in a single chip, it can reduce the footprint, complexity and power consumption and present a cost-effective solution for several applications. The optical component comprises the optical hardware layer of the components. It aims to define the different architectures of the PICs and to have optimized interconnection with the other components. Using this technology will lead to a smaller and more efficient solution for access networks.

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The electronics involves the electronic component hardware (hardware / firmware / software) controlling the optical hardware and the design of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) with high frequency (GHz) lines that will be the hosts of the Photonic Integrated Circuits and which will have the characteristics necessary to be compliant with the MSA of the desired form factors;

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Photonic packaging covers the optical fiber-to-chip coupling, electrical coupling with the designed PCB and thermal management of the overall module. To ease the PIC process of packaging, PICadvanced is developing silicon-based hosts to accomodate the PIC, with v-grooves providing fiber alignment, electrical conections with the carrier PCB and temperature sensors for thermal monitoring of the PIC.


Under development


The productization aims to guarantee ease production and assembly in large quantities of different products. This component expresses the limitations that the available industrial machines give, concerning precision of fiber alignment with PICs.




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